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Nowadays students are living in an age where they hardly have any time for leisure. Also, it is an era where the internet has infiltrated every aspect of life. The youth of today is used to finding everything with just one click. It is precisely for such reasons that classroom learning is slowly taking a back seat and online programs are gaining more and more popularity.


It has been almost ten years now that online programs have slowly made their foray into mainstream education. Thanks to ICT (Information and Communication Technology) enabled programs in universities; education is not just limited to a computer or laptop. Anyone can avail an online program from any device or communication platform. Hence a student not only gains knowledge of the subject that they are studying but also learns the latest technology. This is indeed helpful as it prepares a student for the post-university life.

Universities offering online programs

Over the past few years, there have been many universities that have been offering online programs in various subjects and fields. Mizoram University ICT Enabled Programs are such online programs that are greatly sought after by both national and international students. The best part about Mizoram University Online Program is its faculty. The university engages with seasoned educators and professors who design these courses.

The online platforms are so robust that students are exposed to best content and best teachers. With the help of E-quizzes and E-notes, the university designs an engaging methodology of learning. These online programs are available in two sessions in a year—one starting from January and the other starting in July. It is up to a student’s convenience which session they want to enroll themselves in. Also, all these courses are available at a very reasonable course fee.

There must be some reasons due to which online programs have become so popular. Here are some advantages of online programs that have made them so popular:

  • A huge variety of programs: Students are exposed to a huge variety of programs and courses that they can choose from. They can choose a course of that interests them.
  • Reasonable course fee: As the universities do not have to bear the infrastructural cost of maintaining a campus with proper classroom, laboratories, offices, playgrounds, libraries, it is possible for them to lower the course fee in online programs. Hence overall the cost of online programs is much less as compared to traditional courses.
  • Comfortable learning experience: As the student will not have to travel to college every day, he or she is saved the time and energy wasted in traveling. Also, the student has the liberty to study in the comfortable environment of one’s home. There is no need to dress up and sit in a certain posture.
  • Flexibility: as it is an online course there is no fixed class time, hence the student has the flexibility to study at their convenient time. They can even plan work and study with an online program.
  • Work and study: one of the best advantages of online courses is that it allows you to work as you do not have to go to college.