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Online classes have become the need of the hour. Technological developments happening around the world have made the reach of the internet effortlessly easy. Students are choosing these courses as they offer innumerable benefits making them popular. Therefore, many universities are now launching online educational courses in various fields. The most popular course students opt for, especially working students, is the Online Masters Program. Several specialization fields in this program are explained below:

  • MBA- Marketing
    MBA- Marketing imparts in-depth knowledge of the strategies of marketing and methods of digital activities to the students to achieve the marketing goals of a firm. The duration of this online program is two-years.
  • MBA- Finance
    MBA- Finance program equips the students with the financial aspects required in operating a business. This two-year course covers how to manage the finances of a firm efficiently,

  • MBA- Entrepreneurship
    In a two year period, MBA- Entrepreneurship teaches the learners about the vital aspects to run a business effectively and also enhances their skillset to make themself self-confident to start an enterprise.

  • MBA- Logistics and Supply Chain Management This program covers the techniques of how well the movement of goods can be managed. This too is a 2 years course.
  • MBA- Big Data Analytics
    In two years, this course familiarizes the students with the various tools of Data Science making them experts in the I.T field.

  • MCOM- E-Commerce
    The program teaches about the various concepts of Commerce and how Information Technology can be used for trading and businesses.

Various advantages of an Online Master's Courses


Study From Anywhere and At Anytime As the internet reach has widened due to upgraded technology and innovations, every person has access to it without any bound to place or time. All one needs is a device and an internet connection. Working students feel more convenient studying at any place and any time.


Affordable Online classes are more affordable than offline ones. Students have to pay only for the E-Books, audio and videos provided by educational institutes and exam fees. Fees charged by these institutes are less as there are no maintenance and electricity costs.


Cost and Time Saving Online classes save up costs and time for the students like expenses and time consumed in travelling and other miscellaneous activities.


Earn and Study They are highly beneficial for working students in many ways. On one hand, they can work and earn money and on the other hand, they can study when they have free time.


Career Uplifting Completing these courses is like adding a feather to the hat. Getting a certificate in any of the Online Master's Programs can boost their career growth and enhances the opportunity to get higher positioned jobs in several reputed companies.


*Mizoram University*


Mizoram University now offers two-year Online Master's Programsin six specialization fields to the students.

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