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But, why MBA? What’s the importance of an MBA course?


Gone are the days when students had to travel miles to pursue the course of their choice. With the evolution of the educational system, numerous renowned universities have started adopting virtual platforms, resulting in online learning becoming the new normal.

Mizoram University is well-known for providing students with access to world-class faculty, a highly driven atmosphere, friendly staff, and academic programs that give specialized skills in some of the most competitive sectors. Mizoram University's unique approach to remote education, profound dedication to online students, and trusted reputation are just a few of the reasons why the university has acquired the greatest credibility and rating, be it for diploma or degree programs.

The university has been offering excellent postgraduate degree courses online for aspirants to pursue their dream career fields from the comfort of their homes.

  1. MBA - Marketing
    The online MBA in Marketing management deals with identifying demand changes and providing appropriate strategies for capitalizing on such opportunities. This specialty is intended to teach students how to create promotional strategies and to assess the business industry's progress on a regular basis. It also teaches how to fix issues in the application of marketing plans, regulations, and procedures.

    Job profiles for MBA-Marketing graduates:

    • Marketing Research Analyst
    • Advertising or Promotions Manager
    • Social Media Manager
    • Product/Brand Manager
    • Marketing Manager
  2. MBA - Financial Management
    MBA in Financial management deals with the process of defining organizational strategies and ensuring they are followed by all divisions. Through this tailored curriculum, aspirants would understand finance in order to provide relevant data to assist the growth of the organization’s long term plan, make decisions on where to invest, and provide insights on how to administer the resources, stability, efficiency, investment, and a variety of related domains.

    Job profiles for MBA-Entrepreneurship graduates:

    • Own start-up developer
    • Business consultant
    • Business reporter
    • Sales Manager
    • Corporate Supervisor
  3. MBA - Logistics & Supply Chain Management
    The two-year online MBA-Logistics and Supply Chain Management program educates learners to be efficient, productive, and successful by utilizing diverse logistics and supply chain management methodologies and abilities. Some of the key study areas during the programme are Global Logistics management, Supply Chain Management, Market research, Global Business Environment and brand management.

    Job profiles for MBA-Logistics & Supply Chain Management graduates:

    • Logistics Analyst
    • Operations Manager
    • Supply Chain Manager
    • Storage/distribution manager
    • Consumer Agent
  4. MBA - Big Data Analytics
    An MBA in Big Data Analytics will provide you with the skills you need to analyze big data and apply it to the commercial goals of any enterprise or cause. Advance your career with this specialized course, which teaches students about big data analysis and its practical applications.

    Job profiles for MBA-Big Data Analytics graduates:

    • Financial Analyst
    • Marketing Manager
    • Operations Analyst
    • Business Analytics Specialist
    • Supply Chain Analyst
  5. M.Com (E-Commerce)
    Aspirants pursuing M.Com (E-Commerce) are exposed to many aspects of e-commerce that are used in business. In general, it encompasses the integrated study of topics from commerce, information technology, and finance.

    Job profiles for M.Com (E-Commerce) graduates:

    • Business Analyst
    • Stock Analyst
    • Operations Manager
    • Financial Analyst
    • Risk Analyst

Online Master’s Degree Courses at Mizoram University

The endeavor of Mizoram University to provide such sought-after master's degree programmes online aims to equip students with professional experience in the global corporate sector. To apply or to know more about the courses, visit the official website: