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Diploma in IT


1 Year


Anyone with class 8 pass & min 18 years of age.

Annual Fees:

3600 /

Programme Objectives:

  1. To ensure the learner understands efficiency and effectiveness in Business processes.
  2. To understand the Input- Process and Output framework.
  3. To establish relationship between productivity enhancement and competitiveness.

Course code Title of the Course
DIT101 Advanced Data Structure and Algorithms
DIT102 Introduction to Internet of Things
DIT103 Cryptography
DIT104 Object Oriented Programming using Java
DIT105 Python Programming
DIT190 Object Oriented Programming using Java-LAB
DIT191 Python Programming - LAB

Course code Title of the Course
DIT201 Network and Wireless Security
DIT202 Secure Design and Development
DIT203 Database Programming and Administration
DIT204 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
DIT290 Cyber Security and Data Protection - LAB
DIT291 Database Programming and Administration-LAB

Course code Title of the Course
DIT301 Web Application Security
DIT302 Forensics of Cyber Security
DIT303 Intrusion Detection and Prevention System
DIT304 IoT Security
DIT305 Digital Data Acquisition, Recovery and Analysis
DIT390 Web Application Security - LAB
DIT391 IoT Security - LAB

Course code Title of the Course
DIT401 Block Chain Technology
DIT402 Ethical Hacking
DIT403 Linux Server Administration
DIT404 Cyber Laws and Regulations
DIT405 Linux Server Administration-LAB
DIT490 Project Work
DIT491 Seminar and Viva Voce