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Program Overview Syllabus Fees FAQ Career Prospectus

Master of Social Work


2 years


Any degree with 10 + 2 + 3 formal learning and a minimum passing % of 40% from a recognized University/Body.

Annual Fees:

Students in India:   INR   21,700 /-

Students in SAARC Countries:   INR   26,960 /-

Students from the rest of the World:  USD 550 /-

About the Program :

Program Overview:

The MSW program offers a comprehensive and versatile curriculum to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to make a meaningful impact in the field of social work. This program is designed to cater to the needs of recent graduates, or working professionals, providing them with a flexible learning environment that accommodates their schedules.

Program Objectives:

  1. Provide students with a strong foundation in the core principles and theories of social work.
  2. Familiarize students with various specialized areas within the field of social work, such as clinical practice, community development, and policy analysis.
  3. Develop students' professional skills through hands-on experiences, enhancing their employability and fostering entrepreneurship in the social work domain.
  4. Keep students abreast of the evolving trends and changes in social work practice, ethics, and policies.
  5. Instill confidence in students to explore innovative approaches and successfully engage in social work initiatives.

Program Highlights:

  1. Flexible online format tailored for working professionals.
  2. Certification from an esteemed university.
  3. Personalized mentoring programs to guide each student's academic journey.
  4. Assistance with placements in collaboration with leading organizations.
  5. Dedicated support for career development and professional counseling.

20 Subjects | Projects | Assignments

Who is this course for?

This program is designed for individuals who are passionate about creating positive social change and are looking to advance their careers in the field of social work. This program is ideal for working professionals who seek to enhance their skills and knowledge while maintaining their current commitments.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the program, students will:

  1. Demonstrate a deep understanding of the principles and theories of social work.
  2. Apply effective strategies for addressing social issues and promoting community well-being.
  3. Utilize advanced communication and interpersonal skills in diverse social work contexts.
  4. Analyze and evaluate social policies and their impact on individuals and communities.
  5. Navigate ethical challenges and dilemmas commonly encountered in social work practice.

Syllabus Overview :

The Master of Social Work program is designed to equip students with advanced knowledge and skills in social work practice, policy, and research. Through a comprehensive curriculum, students will gain expertise in addressing diverse societal challenges, promoting social justice, and enhancing the well-being of individuals and communities. This online program offered by Mizoram University provides a flexible learning environment, fostering critical thinking and ethical decision-making for aspiring social work professionals.

Course code Title of the Course
SW/MJ/500 Social Work Profession
SW/MJ/501 Micro Practice in Social Work
SW/MJ/502 Social Work Research
SW/MJ/503 Social and Behavioural Change
SW/MN/504 Health Social Work
SW/MN/505 Disability and Social Work
SW/FP/506 Field Project I/Internship (FP)

Course code Title of the Course
SW/MJ/550 Macro Practice in Social Work
SW/MJ/551 Integrated Social Work
SW/MJ/552 Social Policy, Planning & Development
SW/MJ/553 Ecology and Disaster Management
SW/MN/554 International Social Work
SW/MN/555 Human Service Organizations
SW/FP/556 Field Project II/Internship(FP)

Course code Title of the Course
SW/MJ/600A Community Development
SW/MJ/600B Social Work with Families
SW/MJ/601A Rural Development
SW/MJ/601B Child Welfare and Protection
SW/MN/602A Urban Development
SW/MN/602B Social Work with Youth
SW/MN/603 Project Formation and Evaluation
SW/FP/604 Field Project/Project Work III (FP)
SW/DW/649 Dissertation Work (DW)

Course code Title of the Course
SW/MJ/650/A Tribal Development
SW/MJ/650/B Women and Development
SW/FP/651 Field Project/Project Work IV (FP)
SW/DW/699 Dissertation Work (DW)

Note: Completion certificate will be issued once course is completed (Marksheets not included)

Program Benefits:

Learning Support:

During the duration of our Master of Social Work course, you will receive continuous support through our mentoring program. With the help of timely progress reports, you will be able to track your progress throughout the course duration. In addition, our mentors are available to address all your non-academic queries as well.


Our Master of Social Work program is a unique blend of academics, networking, and peer-to-peer interaction. Our interactive workshops ensure that you connect with your peers and classmates and exchange knowledge and ideas. To ensure you establish a solid industry network, our experts conduct interactive live sessions and panel discussions as well.

Doubt Resolution

Our mentors and counselors are always on standby in case you need clarification of academic doubts. Our faculty and academic team are available virtually for any doubt resolution you may require on your thesis, projects, exam preparations.

Career Counselling

Our placement and academic experts will guide you throughout your master’s journey and ensure that you choose the right career path. From choosing the right electives to choosing the right industry, we will provide expert guidance.

Master of Social Work Course Admission Process:

Our admission process is quick and simple. Our internal team will review your application and make assessments based on your academic merit, experience, and admission criteria. We will ensure that we keep you abreast of all developments as we go through your application.

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Customer service representative

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Program Fee:

The fee structure for our Master of Social Work course is as follows:

Fee Structure:

Indian Student

Master of Social Work 1st Year Fee 2nd Year Fee
Registration Fees 200 -
Exam Fee 2,500 2,500
Course Fee 10,000 10,000
Annual Fee 12,700 12,500
Total Fee 25,200

International Student

SAARC Countries Other Countries
MCom E-Commerce 1st Year Fee 2nd Year Fee 1st Year Fee 2nd Year Fee
Registration Fees 200 - - -
Exam Fee 3,000 3,000 100 100
Course Fee 23,760 23,760 450 450
Annual Fee 26,960 26,760 550 550
Total Fee 53,720 1,100

Ecommerce Course FAQ:

1. What are the career prospects after an MCom Ecommerce course?

Your career prospects will depend on the institution and work experience that you possess. Upon completion of a master’s degree in eCommerce, one can expect a salary package anywhere between 5 to 9 lakhs per annum.

2. Can I pursue a master’s course in e-commerce after completing another bachelor’s degree?

Yes, you will be able to take up a master’s program even if you do not have a bachelor’s degree in commerce.

3. What are some of the job roles I can get after completing an MCom in eCommerce?

Some of the job prospects include Purchase Manager, Sales Manager, Business Analyst, Customer Relationship Manager, Online Marketing Manager, and Category Manager amongst others.

4. What course to choose after grade 10th to pursue e-commerce?

Ideally, you should pursue the commerce stream in your higher secondary education to continue in the eCommerce space. However, this is not compulsory as science graduates can also pursue eCommerce courses later.

5.Which course is best for eCommerce executives?

An MCom in ECommerce is a good option for eCommerce executives to further their career prospects. A master’s degree will enable you to land a job in middle to senior management upon completion.