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MSc Artificial Intelligence


2 years


Any passed Graduate or equivalent through ( 10 +2 + 3) and Mathematics in Higher Secondary of recognized University/ Board . Additionally, In case of Post graduate Diploma qualified in Computer science or statistics , Mathematics is not mandatory.

Applicants with relevant work experience of minimum two years shall get relaxation in the eligibility conditions for all PG programmes.

Annual Fees:

24000 /-

About the Program :

Masters in Artificial Intelligence Program Overview:

  1. Tailored for working professionals
  2. Certification from # ranked university
  3. Individualized mentoring programs
  4. Placement assistance with top firms
  5. Dedicated career and professional counseling

28 Subjects | Industry Relevant Projects | Assignments | Case Studies

Programme Objectives:

This programme aims to gain transferable skills to prepare you for a professional career in AI and its applications. These are expected to cover all aspects of society both within the tech sector, as well as outside.

Masters in Artificial Intelligence: Who is this for?

The MSc Internet of Things course is for working professionals who wish to enhance their career prospects and take the next step in their career development.

Masters in Artificial Intelligence Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn to program with C and C-LAB
  2. Understand computer organization and digital architecture
  3. Understand advanced database management systems
  4. Learn robotics, deep learning, and AI
  5. Understand the importance of the Internet of Things and deep learning
  6. Learn cybersecurity, cloud computing, and database protection

MSc IoT (Internet Of Things) course from Mizoram University:

Upon completion of the MSC in Artificial Intelligence course, you will receive the following degree certificate.:

Masters in Artificial Intelligence Syllabus Overview :

To ensure you received the best AI syllabus, we have collaborated with some of the brightest minds in the industry and in-house faculty members. Live sessions, videos, assignments, cases, and projects are made available to you to enhance your knowledge of the subject matter.

Course code Title of the Course
MSC-AI-101 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
MSC-AI-102 Computer Organization and Digital Architecture
MSC-AI-103 Programming with C
MSC-AI-104 Operating Systems
MSC-AI-105 Advanced Database Management System
MSC-AI-190 Programming with C-LAB
MSC-AI-191 Advanced Database Management System-LAB

Course code Title of the Course
MSC-AI-201 Machine Learning
MSC-AI-202 Data Structures using C++
MSC-AI-203 Computer Networks and Management
MSC-AI-204 Engineering Mathematics
MSC-AI-205 Programming in Python
MSC-AI-290 Data structures using C++-LAB 2 - -
MSC-AI-291 Programming in Python-LAB

Course code Title of the Course
MSC-AI-301 Robotics and AI
MSC-AI-302 Computer Graphics and Animation
MSC-AI-303 Internet of Things and its Applications
MSC-AI-304 Deep Learning
MSC-AI-305 Big Data Systems and Analytics
MSC-AI-390 Computer Graphics and Animation - LAB
MSC-AI-391 Robotics and AI -LAB

Course code Title of the Course
MSC-AI-401 Human-Computer Interface
MSC-AI-402 Cyber Security and Data Protection
MSC-AI-403 Data Science Applications of NLP
MSC-AI-404 Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing
BCEA405 Cloud Computing and Data Protection - LAB
MSC-AI-490 Project Work
MSC-AI-491 Seminar and Viva Voce

Masters in Artificial Intelligence Benefits:

Learning Support:

During the duration of our MSc Artificial Intelligence, you will receive continuous support through our mentoring program. With the help of timely progress reports, you will be able to track your progress throughout the course duration. In addition, our mentors are available to address all your non-academic queries as well.


Our MSc Artificial Intelligence program is a unique blend of academics, networking, and peer-to-peer interaction. Our interactive workshops ensure that you connect with your peers and classmates and exchange knowledge and ideas. To ensure you establish a solid industry network, our experts conduct interactive live sessions and panel discussions as well.

Doubt Resolution

Our mentors and counselors are always on standby in case you need clarification of academic doubts. Our faculty and academic team are available virtually for any doubt resolution you may require on your thesis, projects, exam preparations.

Career Counselling

Our placement and academic experts will guide you throughout your master’s journey and ensure that you choose the right career path. From choosing the right electives to choosing the right industry, we will provide expert guidance.

Masters in Artificial Intelligence Admission Process:

Our admission process is quick and simple. Our internal team will review your application and make assessments based on your academic merit, experience, and admission criteria. We will ensure that we keep you abreast of all developments as we go through your application.

Masters in Artificial Intelligence Program Fee:

The fee structure for our MSc Artificial Intelligence course is as follows:

Fee Structure:

Indian Student

MSc Artificial Intelligence 1st Year Fee 2st Year Fee
Exam Fee 2,000 2,000
Course Fee 22,000 22,000
Fee 24,000 24,000
Total Fee 48,000

International Student

SAARC Countries Other Countries
MSc Artificial Intelligence 1st Year Fee 2nd Year Fee 1st Year Fee 2nd Year Fee
Exam Fee 3,000 3,000 100 100
Course Fee 25,000 25,000 500 500
Fee 28,000 28,000 600 600
Total Fee 56,000 1,200

Masters in Artificial Intelligence: FAQ’s

1. Is the MSc in Artificial Intelligence course accredited?

Yes, the university was accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) in 2019. The university is also ranked among the top 100 universities in the country by NIRF.

2. Which is better? MSc in cybersecurity or Masters in Artificial Intelligence?

Both courses are equally good. While MSc Artificial Intelligence deals with subjects like machine learning, deep learning, and RPA, MSc in cybersecurity deals with ethical hacking, malware prevention, digital forensics, etc.

3. What are the prerequisites for this Masters in Artificial Intelligence online course?

You will need to be a graduate or equivalent through (10+2+3) with mathematics at higher secondary from a recognized board. However, if you have a PG diploma in computer science or statistics, mathematics is not compulsory. Applicants who have a minimum of two years of work experience will be eligible for relaxation in the course requisites.

4. What is the average salary earned by graduates of masters in artificial intelligence?

Due to the dearth of talented professionals in the field, one can earn higher than normal average salaries. After a master’s in artificial intelligence, most entry-level jobs in the field offer an average salary of INR 6 lakhs.

5.I am an arts student, can I be considered for a Masters in Artificial intelligence in India?

In order to be considered for the course, you must have a background in computer science or mathematics, preferably a bachelor’s degree.

6. Will I be able to work abroad after the completion of a Masters in Artificial intelligence in India?

Yes, however, this will depend on your experience and professional background. There are plenty of job opportunities available in the stream across the globe.

7. What career options are available after completing an MSc Artificial Intelligence course?

Some of the job roles that you can apply for after completion of the course include AI/ML Engineer, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Developer, Data Analyst, Big Data Engineer, Research Scientist, etc.

8.Is it worth pursuing a Masters’s in Artificial Intelligence?

If you are passionate about the field of AI, a master’s will be valuable. Moreover, there are plenty of job opportunities for talented individuals in the stream.