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MBA - Logistics and Supply Chain

You develop a healthy relationship with customers by providing them with efficient and reliable services whilst keeping in mind their preferences. An MBA in CRM (Customer Relations Management) program from Mizoram University will help provide a basic insight into different marketing strategies and techniques that companies devise to give themselves a unique position in the minds of customers. Our well designed MBA course helps students gain an understanding of different plans organizations develop to identify potential clients and solidify their commitments.

Course Format:



2 years


Any Graduation or equivalent through ( 10 +2 + 3) from a recognized Board /University.

Applicants with relevant work experience of minimum two years shall get relaxation in the eligibility conditions for all PG programmes.

Annual Fees:

24000 /-

MBA CRM About the Program :

Program Overview:

MBA in CRM (Customer Relations Management) offered by Mizoram University is a 2-year program through which candidates gain knowledge about various skills and techniques that organizations employ to boost their relationships with customers and maintain them for a long time. During the program, candidates also become familiar with different technologies and tools organizations use these days to forge relationships with customers and gain benefits from them.

X Subjects | Industry Relevant Projects | Assignments | Case Studies

Programme Objectives:

  1. To give the student a holistic understanding of customer relationship management.
  2. To help students understand best CRM practices and customer management methodology.
  3. To understand how to successfully implement CRM practices in an organization.
  4. To understand how CRM practices are applied to form relationships with customers and other internal and external stakeholders.

MBA - Logistics and Supply Chain from Mizoram University:

This Is How Your Degree Certificate Will Look Like:

MBA CRM Syllabus Overview :

We are blessed to have several top-notch and respected faculty members that come together to develop CRM (Customer Relations Management) syllabus for students. The content designed and developed by these professionals and industry experts will be made available to you in the form of videos, live sessions, cases, projects, and assignments.

Course code Title of the Course
MBAC101 Business and Professional Skills
MBAC102 Managerial Economics
MBAC103 Goods and Services Marketing
MBAC104 Customer Relationship Management
MBAC105 Financial Accounting

Course code Title of the Course
MBAC201 Human Resource Management
MBAC202 Financial Management
MBAC203 Managerial Economics
MBAC204 Digital Marketing and e-CRM
MBAC205 Digital Business Management

Course code Title of the Course
MBAC301 Strategic Customer Relationship Management
MBAC302 Consumer Behaviour and Market Research
MBAC303 Integrated Marketing Communication
MBAC304 Retail Management
MBAC305 Business Intelligence and Analytics

Course code Title of the Course
MBAC401 Entrepreneurship
MBAC402 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
MBAC403 Relationship Marketing
MBAC404 Project Work
BCEA405 Seminar and Viva Voce

MBA CRM Benefits:

1. Better understanding of the needs of the customer based on their needs:

The needs of customers can vary a lot depending on the demography, age, gender, and many other factors. A specialized course like an MBA in CRM (Customer Relations Management) can help in identifying those needs and address them appropriately.

2. Career Counseling:

In opting for our MBA course, you will be guided by experts belonging to different fields. Typically, these professionals would have tons of experience that can prove valuable to you when you want to get an insight on the career you wish to make. Our experts will keep providing you career strategies and counsel you so you become successful in choosing the right path after the MBA program.

3. Improve customer loyalty and retention:

After the end of the MBA program with us, you are sure to gain a good understanding of how good relationships with customers can be maintained and how loyal customers can be retained for the future.

4. Doubt Resolution:

Our experts and industry peers are known for their ability to solve your queries promptly. It doesn’t matter what your doubts are, expect our professionals to handle your questions in a professional and friendly manner. We believe that in clearing doubts of our students, they get clarity on a lot of matters and this can prove beneficial, especially when they embark on their professional journey.

5. Learning Support:

Mizoram University offers a lot of learning support to its MBA CRM (Customer Relations Management) students throughout the program. With personal feedback and strategies on offer to MBA students at regular intervals, there will not be any shortage in terms of support. Furthermore, the live sessions conducted by experts provide valuable insights to students on various topics.

6. Interview Preparation:

While it is important to score well in your CRM (Customer Relations Management) MBA program, it is equally important to prepare well for interviews that will come before you after you complete the program. As no two interviews are alike, the challenges that will be thrown before you can be different. You need to be well prepared and confident to handle interviews. Our mentors and experts will work with you closely in preparing you for these challenges and beyond.

7. Job Assistance:

You can be rest assured of getting 100% job assistance services from us after the end of the MBA program. We believe that every MBA graduate has a potential to succeed in his/her endeavor. This is why our efforts will always be there for you in helping you secure a job, right after the MBA course.

MBA CRM Admission Process:

If you have decided on pursuing an MBA in CRM (Customer Relations Management) program with Mizoram University, then you would have made the right decision of your life. To get admitted to our MBA program, all you need to do is follow some simple steps. After filling up the online admission form, wait for one of our executives to call you and provide vital details about the MBA program. He/she will guide you through the next steps that are required to complete the admission process.

MBA CRM Program Fee:

Indian students will be required to pay Rupees 48,000/- for the 2-year MBA program in CRM (Customer Relations Management). While half of this amount needs to be paid in the first year, the remaining fee has to be paid in the second year.
International students belonging to SAARC countries need to pay a fee of Rupees 28,000 each year for the duration of the MBA program. International students belonging to other nations are, however, required to pay a fee of $1,200.

Fee Structure:

Indian Student

MBA - Logistics and Supply Chain 1st Year Fee 2st Year Fee
Exam Fee 2,000 2,000
Course Fee 22,000 22,000
Fee 24,000 24,000
Total Fee 48,000

International Student

SAARC Countries Other Countries
MBA - Logistics and Supply Chain 1st Year Fee 2nd Year Fee 1st Year Fee 2nd Year Fee
Exam Fee 3,000 3,000 100 100
Course Fee 25,000 25,000 500 500
Fee 28,000 28,000 600 600
Total Fee 56,000 1,200



1. How can I take admission to MBA CRM (Customer Relations Management program)

The admission procedure is fairly simple at Mizoram University. Candidates are required to fill an online application form that is available on the site. One of the executives from the University will contact the student to ensure the remaining admission steps are completed as per the rules set by the University.

2. What is the eligibility for this course?

You either need to be a graduate in any discipline or have passed 10+2+3 from a recognized Board/University.

3. Is this course approved for my job?

Yes, you can enroll in our MBA CRM (Customer Relations Management program)to give yourself a high chance to secure a dream job. Mizoram University is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and has achieved highest ranking and credibility in the shortest span.

4. What extra study support does Mizoram University provide?

We provide adequate support for learning to our MBA students. Whatever doubts students have; they can have them cleared from our eminent faculty and industry leaders. We have suitable channels through which students can raise their queries or questions and have them addressed properly. Live sessions, videos, and many other modes of communication will remain available to students who wish to enhance their knowledge in the subject matter.

5. What are the deadlines of admission?

Students can enroll in the Customer Relations Management MBA during any time of the year.