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MBA - Financial Management

If financial matters turn you on, then a career after doing an MBA in Finance is suitable for you. At Mizoram University, we have specifically designed an MBA program for you that make it convenient and effective for you to make a career in finance without requiring you to venture out of your home. Besides registering for the MBA program online, you can even take exams online and get a valid MBA degree without even visiting a college or class physically!

Course Format:



2 years


Any passed Graduate or equivalent through ( 10 +2 + 3) and Mathematics in Higher Secondary of recognized University/ Board. Additionally, In case of Post graduate Diploma qualified in Computer science or Statistics, Mathematics is not mandatory.

Applicants with relevant work experience of minimum two years shall get relaxation in the eligibility conditions for all PG programmes.

Annual Fees:

24000 /-

MBA in MBA - Financial Management About the Program :

Program Overview:

An MBA in Finance in India is a four-semester program that is designed to make it easier for aspiring finance professionals to make rapid progress in BFSI or Finance industry. In choosing our MBA program, you can easily stand out in a competitive workplace as the course provides you enough exposure and knowledge in various financial matters.

  1. Total 20 subjects
  2. Get an MBA Degree from Mizoram University
  3. Career Counsellor
  4. Dedicated Student Mentor
  5. Job Assistance with Top Firms
  6. Designed for Working Professionals
  7. Get Mizoram University Alumni Status

Programme Objectives:

  1. To provide atudents the knowledge of operational aspects of finance and also enhance the candidate’s managerial and technical skills.
  2. To help students get a broader perspective of managing a business with special emphasis on the MBA - Financial Management applications.
  3. To equip students and keep them updated on the changes and emerging trends in e- Commerce.

MBA in MBA - Financial Management from Mizoram University:

MBA from Mizoram University has the same weightage as any regular MBA course. Upon successfully completing all modules, you will receive a Post Graduate Degree from Mizoram University that is recognized all across the country and abroad.

This Is How Your Degree Certificate Will Look Like:

MBA in MBA - Financial Management Syllabus Overview :

To make sure you are up-to-date with the MBA in Finance syllabus, we have collaborated with some of the brightest minds in the finance industry and in-house faculty members. From live sessions and videos to assignments, cases to projects, all are made available to you that are sure to not just enhance your knowledge in the subject matter but also help you in practical matters when you embark on your career journey.

Course code Title of the Course
MBAEF101 Business and Professional Skills
MBAEF102 Business Environment
MBAEF103 Managerial Economics
MBAEF104 Business Research Methods and Analytics
MBAEF105 Financial Accounting

Course code Title of the Course
MBAEF201 Business Valuation and Investment Analysis
MBAEF202 E-Commerce Technology and Management
MBAEF203 Financial Institutions and Markets
MBAEF204 Behavioral Finance
MBAEF205 Digital Business Management

Course code Title of the Course
MBAEF301 Strategic Cost Management 3
MBAEF302 International Financial Management
MBAEF303 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
MBAEF304 Working Capital Management
MBAEF305 Financial Engineering

Course code Title of the Course
MBAEF401 Entrepreneurship in Digital Environment
MBAEF402 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
MBAEF403 Futures, Options and Risk Management
MBAEF404 Project Work
MBAEF405 Global e-Business
MBAEF406 Seminar and Viva Voce

MBA in MBA - Financial Management Benefits:

1. Learning Support:

You get a lot of support while studying your MBA Finance subjects. With the availability of individual feedback on all your submissions, you are sure to get a report on how you are progressing in the program. Plus, there will be industry mentors constantly supporting you with their guidance. What’s more, our mentors will be there for you to address all your non- academic queries.

2. Networking:

For candidates interested in pursuing an MBA in Finance, there is plenty to look forward to. From informative to fun-packed and career-building ones, there are lots of workshops conducted for you by industry professionals and our instructors. And to ensure your network is established in the industry, several feedback sessions, live sessions, and personalized discussions will be held for you by our experts. You will also be a part of group activities that will include your peers and alumni.

3. Doubt Resolution:

It is common to have doubts lingering in your mind concerning MBA Finance subjects. But do not worry. Our experts and industry peers will always be there to clear your doubts. In addition to answering your questions, our experts will provide you with individualized feedback on your assignments and projects. Also, to make sure 100% quality learning is there for you; expect 100% verified responses from our experts.

4. Interview Preparation:

You need to be active and diligent while preparing for interviews. It is only then you will crack the real ones. As a part of our MBA program, we help you prepare for your interviews so you can embark on your career effortlessly. During the time we prepare you for one, mock interviews will be held for you and constant feedback will be given to you so you can learn from the mistakes you made and clear the ones held by companies.

5. Career Counseling:

It doesn’t matter what interests you have; you deserve to get the best opportunities possible in them. Our career counseling procedures are designed to provide you vital career strategies that will help you progress in your career effortlessly. These strategies will be provided to you by industry experts.

6. Job Assistance:

After you complete your MBA in Finance in India, you are entitled to get comprehensive job assistance services from us. You will be glad to know that we have strategic partnerships with several companies that can help you land a job; if you meet all their requirements.

MBA in MBA - Financial Management : Admission Process:

Our admission process for MBA in Finance is unique but simple. All you need to do is fill out the online admission form with the required details and submit the same. One of our staff members will contact you to complete the remaining procedures.

Program Fee:

An annual fee for MBA in MBA - Financial Management course is of Rupees 24,000/- will have to be paid by the student of Indian origin. This shall include Rupees 2,000/- for Exam Fee and Rupees 22,000/- for Course Fee. For international students belonging to SAARC countries, an annual fee of Rupees 28,000/- will be levied. For students belonging to other countries, the applicable annual fee will be $1,200.

X Subjects | Industry Relevant Projects | Assignments | Case Studies

Fee Structure:

Indian Student

MBA - Financial Management 1st Year Fee 2st Year Fee
Exam Fee 2,000 2,000
Course Fee 22,000 22,000
Fee 24,000 24,000
Total Fee 48,000

International Student

SAARC Countries Other Countries
MBA - Marketing 1st Year Fee 2nd Year Fee 1st Year Fee 2nd Year Fee
Exam Fee 3,000 3,000 100 100
Course Fee 25,000 25,000 500 500
Fee 28,000 28,000 600 600
Total Fee 56,000 1,200



1. Is MBA in Finance or MBA in Marketing better?

When you pursue MBA finance subjects, you need to have the following skills to excel in the program:

  • Stock market awareness
  • A background in Commerce is preferred
  • Be a meticulous planner and have excellent problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Must have a thorough knowledge of various financial instruments

You need to have the following skills if you wish to pursue an MBA in Marketing:

  • In-depth knowledge of targeted customers
  • Must be a keen learner and a knowledge seeker
  • Must be aware of different marketing strategies
  • Must have excellent communication skills and be able to think creatively

Depending on the skill sets you possess, it is advisable to choose a program accordingly. Both the MBA programs have a lot of potentials and can help you kick-start a career easily.

2. Can I pursue an MBA course online?

Yes, you can pursue an MBA course online. For details regarding the admission process and other procedures, you are requested to go through all information provided on this site.

3. Does Mizoram University offer MBA Finance?

Yes, Mizoram University offers MBA Finance. To go through an MBA in Finance syllabus, check the syllabus section on our site or get in touch with one of our experts.

4. What is the average cost of admission to an MBA in Finance in India?

To do an MBA in Finance in India, it will cost anywhere between 7-10 LPA. However, to do an MBA in MBA - Financial Management through Mizoram University, it will cost you only Rupees 24,000/- annually.

5. What is the eligibility to pursue MBA Finance?

Any passed graduate or an individual that has completed 10+2+3 and Mathematics from a recognized Board or University is eligible to pursue MBA Finance.

6. What is the admission process in India?

To study MBA Finance subjects, you need to follow a simple admission process that will include an entrance test followed by WAT, Group Discussions, and Personal Interview rounds.

7. Does the MBA program contain more of the theoretical part or the accounts part?

If you go through an MBA in Finance syllabus, you will realize that there are subjects that are related to accounts stream.

8. Does MBA in Finance require Maths?

It is important to have knowledge of Maths, irrespective of the MBA program you get enrolled in. When you have knowledge of Maths, it becomes an advantage to you as the course includes topics on Economics, Finance, and Accounting.

9. What is the duration of MBA in Finance course?

The MBA course is of 2 years divided into four semesters.

10. I am a Science graduate. Can I pursue MBA in Finance?

You can pursue a course in MBA Finance if you are a Science graduate. It is not mandatory to have knowledge in economics and accounting.

11. What are some of the top MBA Finance jobs?

There are plenty of top MBA Finance jobs up for grabs. Some of these include:

  • Accounting Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Senior Financial Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Vice-President of Corporate Finance, etc.

12. What is the scope of MBA Finance?

We have developed MBA Finance subjects such that they offer you a lot of scope in different aspects of a business. Therefore, when you get an MBA degree through us, you are guaranteed career development and growth. Your chances of getting a suitable job are higher.

13. What can be done after completing an MBA program?

There is a lot you can do after completing your MBA program. There is always an option for you to make a career in a sector of your choice or opt for higher studies like CFA, Ph.D. in management courses, CRMA, PMP, etc.

14. What is the average CTC offered to MBA in Finance in India?

According to, an MBA graduate with a specialization in Finance can easily expect a salary of around Rs. 6.50 lakh per annum.

15. I have completed CS. Is MBA Finance a good option for me?

To get a foothold in the finance industry, an MBA degree in Finance after you complete CS is beneficial. This way you can reach the managerial level easily.

16. Is MBA in Finance a tough course to pursue?

MBA Finance is as rigorous as any other MBA program. However, if you are someone that loves Statistics and Maths, then you are sure to find this program easy.